Hood Cleaning Charlotte Reviews Three Hamburger Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Charlotte NC RestaurantBrooks Sandwich House is located at 2710 N. Brevard Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. The founders are twin brothers who opened their hot dog and hamburger restaurant in 1973. They have homemade chili recipe that was created forty-six years ago.

A guy named Kevin Alexander who writes for a website called the ‘Thrillist’ took a year to travel the United State with the goal to find the one hundred best hamburgers in America. He tapped into local food writers and chefs to get a recommendation of the best burger joint in the city. He actually ate three hundred and thirty hamburgers during his journey.

Kevin was so impressed with Brooks Sandwich House he named them the eighth best hamburger in the whole country. He designated them a ‘must visit’ restaurant in Charlotte.

It says a lot about a restaurant when they get a four-point-seven-star rating with over eleven hundred complimentary post online. Sadly, one of the brothers was murdered in front of the restaurant in December 2019 and the culprit has not been found. However, the family is pushing through as a third generation takes over the joint.

The original Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar opened their first restaurant in 2007 on East Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina. From day one the place was busy with hungry people who craved good hamburgers.Charlotte North Carolina Restaurant

They opened a second Big Daddy’s Burger Bar restaurant in 2007 which led to five by 2012. Today they have thirty-five locations throughout North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee. They don’t plan on stopping there with plans to open more restaurants in the future.

Their recipe for success is to prepare the freshest food but to keep it simple. They have over fifteen hundred reviews on the world wide web giving them a four-point-three-star review.

Charlotte NC Restaurant ImageMr. K’s Soft Ice Cream opened their doors in the South End area of Charlotte, North Carolina in 1967. The building was round and sold only soft serve ice cream from a window. They added hot dogs and soon were a great success. They built a new building in 1971 on the same spot where they are today.

Theodore Karres and his wife, Demetra, moved to the United States in 1955 from Greece. They first settled in Chicago opening a dry-cleaning store. Looking to find a better climate to raise their children, they moved to Charlotte in 1966 and a year later they opened Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream.

Theodore and Demetra retired in 1996 selling their business to their daughter Pamela and brother, George. When Pamela married, George left the business, so Pamela’s husband stepped in to help run the family business. They have five hundred and thirty-five posts on the internet giving them well over a four-star rating.

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